Actually, Most Women Shouldn’t Vote

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe the leftist perversion of feminism is not feminism at all, but a dark and ugly oppression of women designed to keep us in what left leaning men (and their willing women) have decided is our proper place. It’s quite obvious that their goal is neither equality, nor fairness, nor whatever obnoxiously overused buzzword they use to coverup their fascist delight at seeking to control us. One has only to see how the left brutalizes women who don’t subscribe to their narrow minded and ferociously wrong concept of the “liberated” woman to understand that “feminism”, as the left would have us understand it, is nothing but prettied up persecution.

As I watched the #TexasWomenForever debacle play out on twitter last night, a radical thought occurred to me. The women who participated (both in support and even some in opposition) were hysterical, emotional, silly, and lacking any semblance of the ability to reason. So I thought, it isn’t hard to understand why men, not so long ago, thought we couldn’t be trusted to vote. Seriously. So many of these women default to emotional hysteria instead of logic, and this hysteria transfers itself to the voting booth. We have women on the left who genuinely believe Mitt Romney wanted to outlaw tampons and women on the right who cannot bestir themselves to become familiar with basic facts in order to combat this lunacy. It was the equivalent of hair pulling and scratching while laugh/crying for no reason.

Over the course of the last century or so, we’ve gone from suffragettes to vagina costumes, from the right to vote to the “right” to dismember the babies we made from scratch for the sake of convenience. Feminism is no longer about equality of choice and opportunity, but the superiority of women at the expense of men, children, and families. And none of the thought process is at all based in reality, but in the frenzied notion that “conservatives want to outlaw birth control” and “force women to be breeding machines”. From these irrational thoughts, irrational leaders are elected to enact irrational policies.

What began as the noble fight for true equality has devolved into a destructive and dirty movement that hurts women more than it ever originally helped. It has fostered a culture of dependency, entitlement, and selfishness. We who’ve mastered reason over delirium are paying the price for those who haven’t because, sadly, true feminists are currently outnumbered by the Vagina Brigade.

It would be wonderful if we could find a way to convince the “my body, my choice, your wallet” feminisn’ts to vote themselves out of their chains instead of into them, but until then, I have to wonder if perhaps the “feelings” vote isn’t such a good thing after all.

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The Inconvenient Truth About Earth Day

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Happy “We’re really celebrating the birthday of one of our leftist heroes, Lenin, in addition to the eco-tyranny we’re pushing, but we don’t want to advertise our love of the Bolsheviks to the aggressively ignorant masses, so we’ll call it ‘Earth Day’” Day.

Find any leftist cause that gives the plebeians warm and fuzzy feelings in their over-sized hearts and woefully empty heads, peel back the pretty top layer, and you will find a cesspool of stomach churning reality. Most people celebrating the fact that they’ve purchased a special garbage can for their discarded microbrew beer bottles and Starbucks cups don’t realize, for example, that recycling typically wastes more energy and resources than it saves. The symbolism over substance crowd that opposes logging because trees have feelings don’t realize that over forestation leads to drying up of aquifers, rivers, and streams which not only kills off more trees, but also affects wildlife populations and contributes to massive wildfires every year. And not only is the hemp wearing patchouli brigade hilariously unaware of how ridiculous they look driving a “smart car” that’s smaller than a pack of gum, they also don’t get that they’re contributing to the “destruction” they’re pretending they can halt.

We can highlight the inconsistencies and outright hypocrisies of the “green” movement all day long. We can also talk about the unfathomable arrogance a person must gather about himself in order to believe that he can affect the temperature or overall “health” of the earth, either positively or negatively. Indeed, the arrogant hypocrisy of the willfully ignorant is a thing to behold. But that’s not the ugliest part of Earth Day. The reality of what we’re “celebrating” today is much, much darker.

The first Earth Day was recognized on April 22, 1970, which was the 100th anniversary of the birth of communist (and leftist hero) Vladimir Lenin. It was the love child of Democrat Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and college professor Paul Ehrlich. The Left has a history of sordid love affairs with eugenicists and Ehrlich is no exception. His solution to the nonexistent problem of “global warming” (now called “climate change” in order to cover up the fact that no warming is actually happening) was outlined in his book The Population Bomb. He writes:

[T]he first task is population control at home. How do we go about it? Many of my colleagues feel that some sort of compulsory birth regulation would be necessary to achieve such control. One plan often mentioned involves the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of the antidote would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired population size. Those of you who are appalled at such a suggestion can rest easy. The option isn’t even open to us, since no such substance exists. If the choice now is either such additives or catastrophe, we shall have catastrophe. It might be possible to develop such population control tools, although the task would not be simple. Either the additive would have to operate equally well and with minimum side effects against both sexes, or some way would have to be found to direct it only to one sex and shield the other.

He was less compassionate toward non-white polluters. He advocated for forcible sterilization of “all Indian males with three or more children”. He proposed the US government send doctors to third world countries to sterilize the undesirables in order to control the population, thereby saving the world. This celebrated “progressive” views human beings as a cancer that must be excised from the earth (though apparently white humans are less of a cancer, and so can stick around a bit longer).

I wish I could offer you some sugarcoated solutions, but I’m afraid the time for them is long gone. A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells…. Treating only the symptoms of cancer may make the victim more comfortable at first, but eventually he dies—often horribly…. We must shift our efforts from treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions. The pain may be intense.

It’s arguable that “green” is the new red, since it’s the pet project of the increasingly socialist left and its hidden agenda includes darkness like population control, government intrusion into private property rights and free enterprise, and is collectivist by its very nature.

The scary thing about the Left is how successfully they wrap their evil intentions in benevolent packaging. The frustrating thing about Americans is that so many of us are buying it. The global warming/climate change/whatever words fit the narrative on any given day and Earth Day frauds are but bullet points in the exhausting list of leftist frauds which are perpetrated in order to condition people toward acceptance of their statist, collective “utopia”. It is crucial to halt their “progress”.

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Pedophilia Free Zone

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Because apparently the Left needs these now. It’s not enough they can’t stop raping people at Occupy protests, now they have to attempt to legitimize pedophilia even while they ridicule anyone who dares suggest the idea of a “slippery slope” in the debate about state sanctioned relationship contracts.

In an utterly revolting display of the consequences of the leftists’ “whatever works for you” conveniently fluid morality, the attempt to legitimize relationships between adults and children, incestuous or otherwise, is creeping its way out of the shadows and searching for acceptance in the sunlight. Researchers are attempting to conclude that there is no consensus of the harm children suffer at the hands of sexual predators, indeed that some children have had a positive outcome as a result of their abuse. Tom O’Carroll (an unapologetic pedophile who is convicted of distributing indecent photographs) and former chariman of the Pedophile Information Exchange says, “If there’s no bullying, no coercion, no abuse of power, if the child enters into the relationship voluntarily … the evidence shows there need be no harm.”

Seriously. But it’s not just the soulless, depraved, child raping monsters who want their sickening inclinations to be seen as “normal”. So called “experts” around the globe are weighing in on this idea that the urge to sexually brutalize a child is inherent, and should therefore be accepted. They’re gracious enough to include that this urge should not be acted upon, yet in the next breath are trying to eliminate the idea that such an action would be harmful to its victim.

Dr. Sarah Goode of the University of Winchester says,

“Adult sexual attraction to children is part of the continuum of human sexuality; it’s not something we can eliminate. If we can talk about this rationally – acknowledge that yes, men do get sexually attracted to children, but no, they don’t have to act on it – we can maybe avoid the hysteria. We won’t label paedophiles monsters; it won’t be taboo to see and name what is happening in front of us”.

I don’t need to waste my precious time trying to find words to accurately describe just how horrific this is because strong enough words do not exist and I cannot imagine they need to. Rational, thinking people can feel the revulsion this invokes like a physical ailment.

What is worth noting is how these people and advocacy groups are beginning to emerge from the sewer in order to use the gay marriage debate as a spring board to launch their perversion on society. This is not to say that homosexuality and pedophilia are in any way related or even comparable. This is simply to acknowledge that, while it’s routinely laughed out of the room, the slippery slope is very real and very slippery. As we continue to move the goal posts on what behaviors we will not only tolerate but embrace, we have the potential to find ourselves in a society where literally anything goes.

As we allow words like “marriage” to be redefined, it’s rational to wonder what we will redefine next. Pedophilia advocacy groups such as NAMBLA are already trying to redefine “consent” in order to decriminalize adult/child sexual relationships. A Columbia Political Science professor charged with incest is citing “consent” and “right to privacy” to justify his (alleged) three year sexual relationship with his 24 year old daughter. His attorney Matthew Galluzzo asks, “It’s ok for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home. How is this so different?”

The Left is gleefully skipping toward Gomorrah. If I recall correctly, that didn’t end very well the first time.

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If You’re an Idiot, Go Ahead and Hop Off My Side

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I’m going to type slowly so everyone, even the simple among us, can understand my words.

If you’re an idiot, get the entire fuck off my side and out of my way. If you do things to hurt, rather than help the conservative movement, slink away in shame. If you don’t know what you’re talking about but you’re talking anyway, sew your lips together and get back to me after you’ve grown a brain.

I am so tired of people on my side tripping over themselves to live up to the negative stereotypes leftists have about conservatives. Is it so hard to think to yourself, “Would an idiot do this thing I’m about to do?” and then if the answer to that very important question is “yes”, is it so terribly off putting to not do that thing?

I have to wonder about you people sometimes.

You’re perfectly pro-life yet I see you giving shit to single moms. You’re preaching the right message of personal responsibility, yet your best answer to a brain dead woman who demands the government finance her sex life is “close your legs”. With all of the ways to sell traditional marriage to non-Christians, you lead with your Jesus trump card. Of the hundreds of thousands of words in the English language, you chose to use the word “rape” that one time and compounded this idiocy with words that were even more retarded than your choice to lead with the word “rape”.

I appreciate your passion and your fight and I want you on my side. I just want you to smarten up first.

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You People Are So Sensitive About Math Lately

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It took me forever to figure out why Super Seriously Passionate World Changing Facebook Activists all changed their profile pictures to an equals sign yesterday. Mostly because I hate math almost as much as I hate people who cannot be bothered to bestir themselves beyond an avatar change in their quest to “better the world”. Then I puzzled it out and I just got annoyed.

I have no intention of entering the actual same sex marriage debate here, mostly because it’s a.) not my hill to die on and b.) such an obnoxious time to attempt to explain to the Left that everyone already has the same privilege to marry just as we all are equally restricted from marrying certain others. But if states decided, as states are meant to do, that they wish for their residents to be permitted to marry other residents with matching parts under their pants then I will not complain. Better yet, if there truly is a consensus on the legitimacy of same sex marriage (which the Left would like you to believe as you ignore the fact that even the fruits and nuts in California shot it down twice) then why not push for a Constitutional amendment? What is there to fear if what they say is true?

But I digress. Because I’m not supposed to be entering the debate here because, seriously, my apathy regarding the actual issue of a man marrying another man could not be more severe. What infuriates me with regard to this debate is what always infuriates me with regard to the Left. These people could not be more hypocritical if they tried. I believe they don’t know how to exist without talking out of both sides of their mouths with forked tongues and horns hidden under their greasy hair.

How is it that no one has taken a moment from his slacktivism to note the fact that the Left is salivating over this nonexistent “right” to marriage while working tirelessly to strip all of us of our actual, enumerated right to keep and bear arms? Am I in the Twilight Zone? Is this actually happening?

It has never been more clear that these psychotic authoritarian leftists will do anything they can to get their hands on as much power as their weak arms can carry in order to forcibly bend us to their will. They know they cannot win by resting on the laurels of their ideas because their ideas are aggressively horrid. So they emulate their dictator heroes and attempt to condition us to slavery by a slow fade into submission. They pretend to be looking out for our best interests and at least half of the American sheeple have trotted happily behind them looking to have their wool stroked by the benevolent big daddy government.

It’s nauseating.

I am convinced one of the greatest problems we face as a nation is that so many Americans no longer understand the term “right” and that it doesn’t apply to everything they want, hope for, or dream of. Once we tackle that hurdle and get the slobbering statists’ grubby paws off the rights granted us by God and spelled out so eloquently by our founding fathers, then we can have the gay marriage discussion. Complete with math symbols, if we must.

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I Hate You, “Feminists”. I Hate You So Hard.

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If it’s not obvious to you that leftist “feminists” are as rabidly anti-choice when it comes to literally every decision a woman can make with the notable exception of sucking a live baby out of a healthy womb, I question whether you’ve been awake for the last forty years or so.

Lisa Miller’s piece in New York Magazine is far from perfect, but it leans far enough toward the reality of women in America and true feminism to make the vagina costume crowd feel their rage tampons begin to cause them some toxic shock. While she perpetuates the myth that women still haven’t achieved equality in this country, Miller dared to assert women who make choices outside the far left perversion of “feminism” are not, in fact, as evil as wom(y)n who insist upon celebrating abortions at 39 weeks would have us believe.

Predictably, radical femisogynists everywhere are twisting their underarm hair in dismay. These rabid femidogs simply cannot conceive of a world in which women could make any choice but one that falls in line with their narrow world view and so they seek to shame anyone who does. Wrapping themselves in smug superiority and shapeless pants suits, they congratulate themselves on their enlightenment while justifying the demonization of we poor, brow beaten women who have walked down a different path. They pretend to be warriors for choice when the simple fact is, they hate choice with the kind of hatred that is born from suffocating fear. On whatever basic level their brains are still functioning, there exists a sliver of understanding that the vast majority of women are horrified by radical feminism.

Like all leftist ideology, this horrid manipulation of true feminism is a bumbling clusterfuck of miserable failure. Rational people recognize this simple fact, which is why Team Vampire Vag cannot allow women the luxury of choice. It’s time to stop allowing these clowns to get away with the outright lie that they’re at all pro-choice. It is past time to viciously mock their weaponized idiocy until they finally retreat to the relative safety of their hyphenated names and empty, cavernous wombs. Because that sounds fun.

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The Day I Was Cut From Team Tolerance

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If you are a man with an intense desire to have your penis cut off and refashioned into a vagina, there has been a series of misfires in your brain. Despite PC attempts to normalize the intense desire to chop your penis off, the fact remains that penis chopping is not a normal or rational thing to do.

At some point in my lifetime, this became wrong to say. It became “hateful”. This is insane. I don’t hate you if you want to chop off your penis; I genuinely feel sorry for your penis plight and I want to help you get the help you clearly need. However, if you don’t want help and you want to proceed with the penis chopping, if you’re an adult there’s really little I can do about it. Knock yourself out.

Where I do have a say, and where there is inexplicably some gray area, is when it comes to the concept of “transgender” kids. This keeps popping up in the news lately. Massachusetts is all over boys who “identify as girls” and girls who “identify as boys” using restrooms and locker rooms inconsistent with their actual gender. They’re also applying this lunacy to sports teams. Now parents in Colorado are filing a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division because their first grader isn’t allowed to use the girls’ bathroom. On account of his penis.

So very much is wrong with this picture. I know the Tolerance Police will be surrounding my house with a drum circle over this, but we need to wake the fuck up here. I don’t care what your feelings are on transsexual adults. When it comes to children, especially children this young, there is no conclusion to reach but the one where these babies are being heavily influenced by adults with an agenda. Now, do I believe people can be born with this inclination? Yes. People are also born with a propensity for obesity, all hosts of mental illnesses, alcoholism, and the ability to speak with a New Jersey accent. Do we “tolerate” these things? Do we make them normal? No. We treat them. We get these people the help they need. What’s more, we aren’t accused of being “hateful” for doing so.

Clearly Team Tolerance disagrees with me and in breathtaking hypocrisy, requires me to respect the “right” of a child to be a pawn of parents with an agenda without any true concept of how he’s being manipulated but they do not respect my right to be pissed off about it. I am to stand by and allow my daughter to be subjected to a boy in her ladies room and in her locker room and on her basketball team because that boy “identifies as a girl” and his parents are too brain dead to nip that shit in the bud.

I say no.

I say no for my kids because their rights are being trampled (and rightfully so, according to these loons) and I say no for the kids being pushed or encouraged in a lifestyle which is absolutely not something they can grasp the enormity of at six years old. I say no for me because I can no more declare my identity as an astronaut and therefore expect NASA to launch me into space than a man who declares his identity as a woman should be able to follow me into the ladies’ showers at the country club.

We have embraced political correctness at the expense of common sense and we wonder why we can’t get our shit together as a country. We have literally reached a point where we’re convincing our children that tradition and morality and even gender are fluid concepts that can be defined however we want to define them.

Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?

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Dear Leader Loves Us and Wants the Best For Us

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The good news is, the Left surely has our best interests at heart when they suggest we cheerfully accept not only the complete erosion of our Second Amendment rights but now we are also to celebrate the destruction of the Fourth Amendment as well. Because OBVIOUSLY the Left has the ability to arbitrarily discern who needs what gun, but they also can and should have absolute power to decide who is and is not entitled to protection from illegal search and seizure.

There’s no way we can’t trust a freedom hating, anti-constitutionalist, leftwing, domestic terrorist embracing, flag disrespecting, infanticide loving president or the political majority and media who quite literally worship him to be sure not to abuse the power of his office, right? I think it makes perfect sense to surrender our liberties and our ability to defend those liberties to a man who freely admits his desire to “fundamentally change” America.

Really. What could go wrong?

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Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head Over Being Raped, Princess

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Was that in all caps? I couldn’t tell because I’m seeing everything through this curious haze of red. Maybe it’s just this weird thing I have, but it pisses me off how the Left gets away with such overt hatred of women that not only do comments like Joe Salazar’s stand uncontested, they’re actually defended. How much does the Left in this country have to deplore women to tell us not only do we not have the right to effectively defend ourselves against a brutal attack, but we’re too stupid to know when such defense is warranted.

The Left would prefer we soil our panties (literally) and hoof it to a “safe zone” while blowing a whistle. DON’T RAPE ME, BRO. I’M ON BASE. And when that doesn’t work they’ll wring their hands for us for a few minutes and convince us to whip over to the abortion mill to make it all better.

These people are soulless. They are depraved. They love violence and brutality. They hate women. Yet they are so devious they’re able to get away with literally preferring rape to self defense.

Where are the vagina costume girls on this? Are they still crucifying Akin over a fact which, while horribly stated, remains a fact? Are they still demanding I pay for their birth control and abortions? Are they busy defending Planned Parenthood’s propensity to cover up statutory rape? Because they, along with the rest of the Left, are certainly NOT helping women or lifting up rape victims. They’re not empowering women or seeing them as equals. I doubt the hateful, frothing insanity of the Left has ever been more evident.

I am horrified.

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Breaking: The Left Still Hates the Constitution

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The Left hasn’t forgotten how much they fear us. They haven’t forgotten their hatred of freedom and they haven’t forgotten the tingles they get in their naughty places each time they plot to strip us of more of our fundamental rights as Americans. While they may be learning they will be unable to get their wish to BAN ALL THE GUNS because we do not hate freedom or fear objects made of iron and wood as they do, they are adapting their methods to achieve nearly the same goal.

California democrats proposed legislation this week that would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance to cover damages “caused by” their guns. Setting aside the false premise that inanimate objects can “cause” anything and forgetting for the moment the fear the Left hopes to instill in people regarding firearms in order to get them to willingly surrender their rights, let us first examine how astonishingly smug the Left has to be to assume we are stupid enough to believe that criminals will rush out to purchase liability insurance to cover damages caused by their crimes.

I’ve said it a thousand times and it becomes more and more true every day. Gun control has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with control. The Left wants gun control to fail. They love violent crime. They love atrocities like Sandy Hook and Aurora. They celebrate senseless death when they can take advantage of such tragedy in order to advance their agenda. We’re seeing this play out right before our eyes.

We have to stop believing the Left is a pack of well intentioned bumbling idiots. They aren’t. They’re cold and calculating and brilliant at disguising their dangerous anti-constitutional message as care and concern “for the children”. The fact is, they know these ideas won’t work. They don’t want them to work. Ironically, the more gun control fails the more they get to push for more control.

They use blatant dishonesty and made up terms like “assault weapons” to prey on the fear of those ignorant of firearms and on the genuine concern of people who cannot look beyond the surface of the bullshit “for the children” nonsense in order to promote an agenda that is in direct contradiction to the very principles and rights this country was founded on.

Now they’re beginning to figure out they will probably not succeed in convincing most Americans to surrender our God given rights; they have decided to simply price and regulate them out of existence for most people. They want to require the purchase of insurance. They want to limit our ammunition purchases. They want us on a national registry. They want to make it so difficult and expensive to exercise our constitutional rights that we’ll just give up.

This is a diseased ideology. It is dangerous and anti-American. It needs to be crushed, relegated to an unfortunate footnote in a history book that future generations can look to and say, “Thank God they stood up and didn’t allow the Left to destroy such a great country”.


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